Will's Way decorative painting techniques

Do-It-Yourself Faux Painting

How to Create Beautiful Faux Finishes!

Faux Grass Cloth, Linen and other combed finishes.

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Pro Squeegee Comb
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This is the best way to create a Faux Grass Cloth Wall Covering, Linen, Denim  or any combed finish!  Truly an easy way to get a really great look!  


  • Instructional Booklet with tips and tricks providing clear, easy to follow instructions.
  • 7" Tray with wheel
  • Will's Way Squeegee combs (three sizes)
  • 6.5" Paint Pad (includes extra replacement pad)
  • 1" Paint Pad (includes extra replacement pad),
  • Tray cover
  • Stir sticks

Painted Faux Grass Cloth Wall Revealing my secrets for creating beautiful Faux Finishes. Do-it-yourself and get professional looking results! Linen, Strié, Denim, Stripes and Plaids

This kit is being used professionally with excellent results. The tools that come in this kit can also be used to create other stunning finishes! Instructions are included for creating a Faux Linen Fabric and a Faux Corduroy and in our videos you will learn to create other finishes using the Will's Way Do-it-yourself Kits!

3-Color techniques for creating Fresco and other aged paint looks.

Venitian PlasterSample 

kit with 3-color trays
3 Color Fresco Kit

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