Will's Way decorative painting techniques

 Faux Painting Tools

How to Create a Beautiful Faux Finish!

Need great interior Faux painting ideas? Create a stunning decorative paint finish using my easy to learn techniques and tools!

With easy-to-understand instructions and WILL'S WAY tools, all you need is paint and glaze to create a beautiful faux finish. Will's Do-it-yourself Decorative Painting Kits are designed to give you the opportunity to be creative, take pride in your own work and save money! Create unique and beautiful Faux Paint Finishes, such as Grass Cloth, Linen, Strié, Denim, Stripes, Plaids, and other combed and dragged faux finishes. You can also create Faux Venetian Plaster, Fresco and other painted wall textures, at a fraction of the cost of hanging wallpaper or hiring a professional painter! For your next interior decorating project, "Do it Will's Way."

Faux Painting Ideas! 

Revealing my secrets for creating beautiful Faux Finishes. For your next interior painting project, do-it-yourself. See how easy it is to get professional looking results!